About the Founder

Hi, I’m Jana, the creator and owner of Crafted Shindigs. Fun Fact: I came up with the name due to my love of crafting and as a nod to my partner's last name (Shin). 

Born out of personal inspiration and those of friends, I realized that I could make a real positive impact for others. All my life I've been a fun-seeking party lover starting with my Hawaii origins (they know how to throw a great party - aka luau!), birthday parties every year during my school days, to throwing myself FIVE going away parties before moving to California. I have always been full of ideas, love researching until it just clicks when I find that perfect thing and like a structured plan which is probably why I have been in project/program management for the past 10 years and draw heavily on this experience. 

In particular, the past few years have been filled with proposals, weddings and bachelorette parties (the biggest inspiration for Crafted Shindigs). Starting with my own wedding and bachelorette party, both very non-traditional which was a manifestation of my unique vision, but realized that it was overwhelming and time consuming at times. I believe that every individual, whether it be a soon-to-be bride any everyone else, should take pride in their diversity and creativity to lead to fully expressed joy from their special event. 

To summarize, my vision is simple - deliver exceptional experiences for others, drawing from my own experience, expertise and enthusiasm. 

Mission & Vision

Helping the world celebrate, one shindig at a time - perfectly crafted to your vision.